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20 Years in the Energy Sector

Mavi Akım Energy has been operating in the fields of solar energy, natural gas contracting, heating-cooling and heat pump applications since 2003.

We are at your service in Eskişehir, Kütahya and Tavşanlı offices.

Our company has significant experience in installing on-grid and off-grid systems from KW scale to MW scale and has turnkey solutions in rural agricultural water pumping and village water tank pumping systems. It also provides project applications and engineering services within these scopes.

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PV System Services

Professional PV System Solutions for Different Needs

Agricultural Watering

The fields that are irrigated for agricultural purposes are spread over large areas far from the city. Some fields have mains electricity, while others use generators entirely. In both scenarios, the costs of the solutions are very high due to both the increase in fuel costs and electricity prices. Solar Energy is an important solution in this regard with the advantages it offers.

On/Off Grid Residences

With Residential Applied Solar Energy Systems, you can turn the roof of your house into an electricity generation facility. As you produce your own electricity cheaply, you can also make a profit by selling your excess consumption electricity to the grid with government assurance. No Electricity Network? As Mavi Stream Energy, we are at your side with off-grid applications in all places where electricity does not reach such as vineyard-garden, caravan, beekeeping, hunting, livestock facilities without network.

Water Pumping Solutions

High electricity costs are encountered during the transfer of the village use water in the villages to the tonnage water tanks by being drawn with a submersible pump. We reduce your bills by 85%-90% with our AC Drives with special software we use in our Solar Energy Systems and the multi-float and radio frequency controlled warehouse control systems we have developed for water tanks, and we put an end to your bills thanks to software control.

Commercial & Industrial Facilities

Since sealing is very important, choosing the right carrier construction and the right panel-inverter is essential. Unlike the solar power plant installations in the fields, the position of the roof, the direction, the position of the ridges, the static load calculations of the roof and many other similar issues should be taken into account in the adjustment of the direction (azimuth) and angles in the roof type solar power plant installations.

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